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5 Lessons Startups Can Learn From Star Trek: The Next Generation


1. Make It So


In difficult situations, Picard listens to his officers and gets their advice, but ultimately he takes ownership of the decision and is a fearless leader. You should be like this too.

2. Riker’s Beard

ST: TNG really took off once Riker grew his beard and played the trombone more. You should make sure someone on your team has a beard, it’s how you tell a good startup. For the follicly challenged a gingham/plaid/checked (yes there is a difference) shirt will suffice.

3. Sit Like Riker

Riker sits like a BOSS and established dominance by doing the over-chair leg swing. Most startups have IKEA Aeron chair knock-offs which would result in a nasty accident if you attempted this. So maybe splay your legs uncomfortably wide or sit on a table or something instead.

4. Avoid The Holodeck


Something always goes wrong on the holodeck. What is the holodeck? Projections. Don’t let *your* projections lead you astray! Nothing beats hard data (ed: giggity)

5. Shut Up Wesley!

If there’s someone super-smart on your team, you should just tell them to shut up. Nothing good will come from them.