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Bullshit Social Media Stat – 96% of everyone under 30 are NOT on a social network…


So I saw this tweet:

And thought to myself, “this can’t be true”. (spoiler: it isn’t). However, many, many people cite it as fact. But where did it come from?

The source appears to be from “Social Media Revolution“, one of those text-heavy videos full of amaze balls stats to dazzle marketing teams and convince them how social media will change everything they know. The two “facts” combined are – “Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30-years-old” and “96% of them have joined a social network”

The source for the second stat is from this survey, which says ’96% of online teens/tweens report ever having used any type of social networking technology including IM/chat, text messaging and email.’

So, what’s wrong with the stats here?

  1. It’s a US only survey, not world-wide
  2. It’s of 1,277 children aged 9-17 – not 1 -30
  3. It’s of children who were online anyway
  4. It includes texting and email as ‘social activity’

It’s a very deceptive (or clumsy – don’t want to presume any motives here) leap to go from asking a few tweens and teenagers who are active online and apply those numbers to an entire planet.

If you grab stats off the internet, please do a tiny bit of research (and in this case use an OUNCE of common sense – I mean seriously? 96%? of the ENTIRE PLANET?) and, like Eamonn says – don’t be a fucking idiot.