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The tweetings will continue until morale improves

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Seeing as Walter called me out on it, I’d thought I’d follow up on his post. I guess my point is that just because you don’t like how someone uses Twitter doesn’t mean that they are doing it wrong.

Walter hates people posting from Foursquare (and also sites like GetGlue) so he feels the onus is on them to change. I also hate people posting their Foursquare updates on Twitter, but if that’s what they want to do, I’m fine with it. It’s no big deal to ignore it. I use GetGlue all the time to share what I’m watching, and it’s led to chats and sharing new shows with friends. If people find that annoying, then either unfollow me or get over it.

(I also hate people who tweet about sports all the time. I get it, you’re watching football and people won’t shake hands and whatnot. In an ideally world I’d dictate that all sports tweet have a #sports hashtag so I can filter them out, but I’m not the Twitter police so I just have to filter and ignore.)

He also made some interesting points in his first post about cross-posting and auto-posting. I’d disagree with his definitions. Cross-posting – to me – is posting across networks, so for example your tweets show up in Facebook. Auto-posting is where you do something (like comment on blog, upload a photo or video etc.,) and have it appear as a link in your social network. Both are open to abuse, but if that’s what people want to do that’s fine by me – I can just ignore it.

As to his point about “the effort required to create the content” I totally disagree. I can tweet a quote from my Kindle that I want to share with people – zero effort as I don’t write it – but I still think it has value and is something I choose to share. Same with checking in somewhere, or posting “I’ve commented on the Journal” (there are entire Twitter accounts that just have these tweets) or any other service with a little “Share this on Twitter” toggle. If I choose to share it, then I think it’s relevant. If others don’t, tough.

Walter says that people who post their Foursquare checkins are like people who come to your house and piss on the seat. I’d disagree. It’s like people who you’ve invited to your house telling you they were in Chapter One (Foursquare) and then watched Burn Notice (GetGlue) and how they love that Black Keys song (This is my Jam). If you’re not interested, would you say “Hey stop telling me this shit, I don’t care!”?. Seems rude.

Anyway, it seems a bit silly to tell someone it’s not okay for them to tell other people what’s acceptable or not. Walter, if you don’t like people posting their checkins or whatever, then that’s fine – knock yourself out. I’ll keep on This is my Jamming and GetGlueing because that’s how I choose to use Twitter. And if that’s how your friends and “otherwise interesting people” want to use twitter, then you might just have to live with it.