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Johnathan Hoefler – Type at the Crossroads


Type designer Johnathan Hoefler talks about web fonts. A fascinating insight into how type must be designed to respect the ‘idea’ of the type, based on the capabilities and rendering methods of the device, and the conflicts/issues that arise from that.

Watch the video (can’t embed)

Today, as webfonts are buoyed by a wave of early-adopter enthusiasm, they’re marred by a similar unevenness in quality, and it’s not just a matter of browsers and rasterizers, or the eternal shortage of good fonts and preponderance of bad ones. There are compelling questions about what it means to be fitted to the technology, how foundries can offer designers an expressive medium (and readers a rich one), and what it means for typography to be visually, mechanically, and culturally appropriate to the web. This is an exploration of this side of web fonts, and a discussion of where the needs of designers meet the needs of readers.