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24 the Web – Applications open


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Last year I organised (with a LOT of help) an event where 21 very talented and hard-working people built three websites for charities in 24 hours. It all went pretty well so I thought we thought we’d do it again!

Application are now open for people who want to take part in building sites and for charities who needs sites built. Please read the requirements on the right when signing up.

The event is a great opportunity for experienced web professionals to donate their time & talent to charity in a fun and exciting event, and for charities to avail of services and talent that they couldn’t otherwise get access to.

There’s a few simple rules for charities, but it basically comes down to: we can’t take work away from people (so charities must have no budget for a website); they must have great content and practical needs that can be accomplished in 24 hours; and they must have someone willing to take care of the site on an ongoing basis, so that it can be a useful tool for them in the future.

For volunteers, we just need skilled people who can stay awake! This year it would be handy if people formed groups before applying, to make life easier when matching teams.