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Nerds on a Boat


Drinking with Nerds

Nerds on a Boat is a get-together of Dublin web people for beers on a boat. It’s open to anyone and is on the MV Cill Airne, 16 Merchant’s Quay, Dublin, Ireland. (The floating bar boat on the north side of the quays, halfway between the Conference Centre and the o2.) It’s organised by the Contrast guys and happens TONIGHT (if you are reading this after Friday 1 JULY, then it’s over. Sorry.)

Speaking with the Contrast guys about how we could rally the Dublin web community for some summer fun, we came up with an exciting idea! Hire a yaught, buy ten cases of Cristal, throw a few quid at Bell X1 for a short set and invite 500 of our industry buddies to join us. But that’s completely unrealistic. So let’s meet at the Cill Airne for a few pints on Friday? Everyone’s welcome.

Edit: Thanks James!