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TV Show Idea #3: Blue Moon

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Tom Waits

Blue Moon

Possible taglines include: “The Crimes are a Changin’” and “Howl for your Rights” or even “Pack in Heat”

Blue Moon is a cops and robbers show with a twist – they’re all WEREWOLVES! Two brothers – played by Ron Perlman and Tom Waits, who is actually a werewolf) are rivals on either side of the law. Ron’s character is the corrupt head of a police SWWAT team (the second W is for Werewolf) while Tom is head of a criminal gang. Who are also werewolves.

Thrown into this world is their long-lost nephew Lucas (doyouseewhatIdidthere?) who discovers he is a werewolf and must decide which path to take – and there’s a full moon rising…

Title song: Wolf Like Me (TV on the Radio). End credits: Bad Moon Rising (Creedence Clearwater Revival)