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The Shape of Design


I’ve signed up for my first Kickstarter project, supporting a book on design by Frank Chimero, a great designer and speaker who I saw at the most recent Build conference.
Kickstarter is a site that allows creative projects to get funding by asking for payments from lots of payments. For Frank’s book, the more you fund, the more options/better edition of the book you will get, At time of posting the book is well over-funded (153%) so you can be pretty confident it will go ahead – but you should contribute to get the book when it’s written and to support a great design thinker in a fun and awesome way.

The Shape of Design isn’t going to be a text book. The project will be focused on Why instead of How. We have enough How; it’s time for a thoughtful analysis of our practice and its characteristics so we can better practice our craft. After reading the book, I want you to look at what you do in a whole new light.