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Clever new feature in Highrise


37 Signal’s contacts management application Highrise has a very clever new feature that tells you the time and weather in a contact’s city. The reasoning behind it is:

GOAL: Know more about the other person’s world before you get in touch with them.

CHANGE: We added the local time and current temperature to a new section at the top of a contact’s page. We also added the primary phone number and email address to the same section. Now, when you look up someone’s number or email, you’ll also know what time it is where this person is and what the temperature is. The time is especially useful if the contact is many time zones away. And since so many conversations start by talking about the weather, the temperature will give you a good bit of ammo for that discussion.

I think this is really clever – there’s a write-up of the other changes here but I think this and the contacts zoom are two really smart solutions.