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Comedy Central rebrand


New Comedy Central logo
Great write-up on the new Comedy Central logo and rebranding. What was interesting to me was the notion of “the packet”, where elements and clips of programs are considered as discreet units, independent of their medium.

The goal, Alicia said, is for the packet to “behave as an object that you could share, and the object would retain branding while being screen agnostic”… “How do we get our identity to travel along with these clips that end up on YouTube?”

(One issue I’d have with this is that a lot of comedy works only in context – there’s an episode of Louie where he basically gets mouth-raped by a dentist – if you haven’t watched the show I doubt you’d find the clip in isolation that funny)

They began with the digital element and worked back from that – which might be how people first encounter new comedy.

Design as a Weapon

It seems to me the problem they are trying to solve is where you come across a great clip on YouTube (such as the awesome “Leathal Weapon 5″ trailer embeded above) but have no idea of the source.

They are also seem to be steering the brand away from the traditional “8pm watch this, 8.30pm watch this” idea by looking at how the brand can be experienced on a range of devices (see videos here as well as the full article – can’t embed them)