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Zombies Part 2


Part 2 – Contagion. See Part 1 – Outbreak. If you’re looking at this in a feed-reader or on Facebook, crack open your browser and feast on the delicious brains of this post!

Zombie Video Games

Left for Dead 2 (buy it!)

Awesome Zombie survival horror game. Really spooky gameplay and soundtrack. Brilliant fun in multiplayer co-op, especially when you see a special zombie. “BOOMER!!!”

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Zombie Board Games

Zombies!!!! (buy it!)


Zombies!!!! is a fun board-game where you and your friends try and escape from a horde of zombies to a waiting chopper (or kill 25 zombies). The trick is that only one person can win, and on your turn you place some zombies. So there’s a real “will this guy fuck me over on his turn?” element to it, with lots of fragile alliances and back-stabbing. It really highlights (as reflected more seriously in the graphic novel below) how post-Z, it’s not just the undead you have to watch out for. The rules for Zombies!!! and some fun variants are available online if you want to check it out. It’s a fun game!

Zombie Graphic Novels

The Walking Dead (buy it!)

The Walking Dead is a series that chronicles a group of survivors on the run in a post zombie-holocaust world. It is seriously dark, and is more about the relationships and dangers that develop between people than about busting zombie heads. If you enjoyed The Road, this is perfect for you. If you have kids, it will scare the shit out of them. It’s being made into a six-part mini-series directed by Frank Darabont, in case you are a comic-book snob.

The making of The Walking Dead mini-series

The Walking Dead mini-series trailer

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Zombie Meat Ups

There are regular charity zombie walks all over Ireland, here’s a link to the Dublin Zombie Walk. They look like awesome fun.

Zombie Lego

Zombie Apocafest 2008 - Overall

People make their own post-apocolyptic zombie scenarios in Lego. Awesome fun – have a search on Flickr or on The Brothers Brick for more.