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Presenting the first in what hopefully will be a series of art-directed posts. If you’re looking at this in a feed-reader or on Facebook, crack open your browser and feast on the delicious brains of this post!

Organise before they rise

I’m a sceptic. Gave up on mass a long time ago. Don’t believe in UFOs (unlike Danny Dyer) or ghosts or homeopathy or anything like that. But any time I read about zombies or watch a movie about the undead, a part of me goes – “you know what, it could happen. Just sayin’. (My inner voice watched too much American TV). So, just in case, I’d like to present my favourite Zombie-related stuff, purely in the case of “know your enemy”. Because if it does happen, we’re fucked.

Zombie Movies

Dawn of the Dead (buy it!)

Proper, slow-moving old school zombies that just keep coming and coming. And a commentary on a consumerist society. (It’s the whole movie-with-a-subtext thing. Like how vampire movies can be about Aids or sex or effeminate douches.)

See also: (Zombie Nazis! Zombie frickin’ Nazis!!) Dead Snow


Zombie Comedy (ZomCom)

Zombieland (buy it!)

Fucking awesome movie. It’s got a heart and the zombie kills are great fun. Do not confuse with Adventureland.

See also: Shaun Of The Dead

Zombie Books

World War Z – An Oral History of the Zombie War (buy it!)

World War Z cover

World War Z presents a series of survivor’s tales from a fictional zombie war. We hear from soldiers, submariners, astronauts and ordinary people as they tells their stories of heroism and stupidity in the face of the greatest global conflict ever faced by mankind. Rumour has it Brad Pitt’s making the movie.

See also: Handling the Undead

Zombie Manuals

The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead (buy it!)

World War Z cover

From the author of World War Z (and Mel Brook’s son!) comes the complete guide to how to survive a zombie outbreak. It covers everything from what weapon to use against a zombie to where is best to build your post-apocolyptic fort to survive the aftermath.