Found and shared iPhone App Ideas


I mostly use (like most people I imagine) to see where the hell I recognize someone from on a TV show or in a movie.

It would be great if had a stripped-down version if their site for the iPhone, but what would be even better is an iPhone app with the following features:

- Sound detection: just record a bit from a show and it would find the epsiode or movie, just like Shazzam and Midomi do for songs

- Barcode scan: snap the barcode from the DVD box to pull up the details.

- Storage: remember what you’ve looked up and tag it so you remember if you’ve seen it.

- Facial recognition: snap a picture of an actor from the TV and it will tell you what you know them from.

- Sharing: so you can annoy your friends with your awesome taste in movies and TV

Anything else you’d put in an iPhone app?