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Geektool Setup


What you’ll need

  • A Mac (PC owners can get Rainmeter or Samurise)
  • Geektool
  • Lynx (for doing the weather)

One I Made Earlier

Once you have Geektool and Lynx set up, you’ll need to add a few different lines to get something like the setup below:

Gektool Setup 1

The Interface

Geektool Setup 2

First, open Geektool in System Preferences (it will be in the Other group). To make the big clock, click:

  • New Entry
  • Select “Shell”
  • Type date "+%H:%M" in the box
  • Change “Refresh” to “60″ so it updates every minute
  • Select “Colours and Fonts”
  • Click in the “Font” box to change the font to something really big
  • On your desktop, the object will be a light blue box – drag the bottom right corner to resize
  • Click “Text” to change the colour and opacity of the text

To add the day (e.g. Saturday) add a new “Shell” entry with the command date "+%A". To add the date, add a new shell entry with the command date "+%d %B %Y" .

To see more date options have a look at Unix Date Command for the various parameters

Tricky Bits

Geektool can be a bit fussy – here’s some issues I’ve found with it.

  1. Nothing is showing! – Make sure “Enable Geektool” is selected on the preferences pane, and that “Hide output” is NOT selected under “Command”
  2. Fonts and colours won’t change – Each time you want to change an item’s font or colour, you have to be sure to click “Colors and Font” and then “Text” to bring up the specific colour selector for that object
  3. Reopening Geektool resets a load of stuff – this is just a pain in the arse.

The weather

This is why you need Lynx installed as well – it outputs the weather from an external site into Lynx and then to Geektool.

For the forecast add the following Shell Command code

lynx -dump|awk '/Cond/ && !/Fore/ {for (i=2; i<=10; i++) printf $i " " }'

For the temperature add the following Shell Command code

lynx -dump|awk '/Temp/{printf $2, ": "; for (i=3; i<=3; i++) printf $i " " }'

This gives you the weather forecast for Dublin - if you want it for your own city:

  1. Go to The Weather Underground
  2. Search and find your town or city
  3. It will appear on the left of the page as a link under "Recent Cities"
  4. Click on this link - it will bring you to a page with a URL that ends in a number (e.g. 03955.html is Cork)
  5. Replace 03969 in the two examples above with the code for your city
  6. Style as you wish

Adding Images

You can also link to images with Geektool - for example to get today's weather as an image:

  1. Make a new Geektool entry and select "Picture"
  2. In source, paste in the following image URL -
  3. This will pull the latest weather image from the homepage of Met Eireann and place it on your desktop
  4. Note this only works with static URLS