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How to add Photo Albums to your iPhone


Update 16/12/11 for iOS 5 – WAAAAYY easier now with iOS 5 update

  • Open “Photos” app on your iPhone
  • Tap “Albums” in the bottom tab bar
  • Tap “Edit” top right
  • Tap “Add” top left
  • Enter a name
  • Tap “Done” and that’s it

To move photos into an album (from your Photo Stream for example)

  • Tap the actions icon, top right (looks like an arrow escaping a box)
  • Select the photos you want to move by tapping them
  • Tap “Add to” bottom tab bar
  • Tap “Add to Existing Album” (or make a new Album)
  • Tap the destination album
  • Done!

Pre iOS 5 – the old and horrible way

Have you ever wondered how to add more Albums to your iPhone when you click Photos? Normally you’ll have two albums – a Wallpaper one with the default wallpapers, and another one called Camera Roll. But wouldn’t you like more for Maps, Screenshots etc.? Here’s how… and the trick is – you do NOTHING on your iPhone! You’ll need to open iPhoto and iTunes for this trick. I’ve tested in a Mac but it should be the same for PC.

Step 1 – iPhoto

Create a new album by pressing the + symbol on the bottom left of iPhoto to create a new album. Call it whatever you want. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Smart Album or an ordinary Album.

Step 2 – iTunes

Connect your iPhone to your computer and then select it in iTunes (it will be in a list on the left-hand side.) Now click the Photo tab, and tick Sync photos from: and select iPhoto. Choose Selected Albums from the radio list. Now tick the album(s) you want to appear on your iPhone when you click Photos. Now click Sync (bottom right).

Add Album Step 2

Step 3 – iPhone

Once it’s all sync’d up, just click on the Photos application (the little sunflower) and your new album should be in there!

Add Album Step 3

Edit – changed title because, well, how to add albums could mean music albums, and that doesn’t need a blog post to explain!